The Lansing Latino Health Alliance
has established an award at McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital and Sparrow to recognize outstanding Latino / Hispanic Caregivers.

The  award  is designed to annually identify members of hospital teams who provide exemplary service and contribute significantly to the life of a patient. 

A caregiver team consists of everyone who participates in the care of patient. This includes every employee who has direct contact with a patient:  nurses, surgeons, physicians, assistants, therapists, food service personnel, housekeeping personnel, and technicians from all departments directly involved with patient care.

A caregiver may be nominated by a patient, patients' families, co-workers, hospital staff, visitors, volunteers. 

Nomination forms are available on line at websites of McLaren Hospital and Sparrow Hospital.

To be eligible for The Outstanding Latino / Hispanic Caregiver Award persons nominated must have self-declared as a Latino or Hispanic in the respective personnel office of each hospital, and must have worked at the hospital for at least 2 years in a full-time or part-time position.

Persons selected for the award are expected: to have made a significant difference in the life of a patient; to have exceeded expectations in carrying out their responsibilities; and to have demonstrated professionalism in the workplace.

Nominations can be made at:

McLaren:Greater Lansing Hpspital




Use the following form:



                                --  NOMINATION  FORM  --  


McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital   OR   Sparrow Hospital 

 December 31, 2017 is the deadline for receipt of nominations.


The Lansing Latino Health Alliance wishes to recognize Latino / Hispanic caregivers of  McLarent Greater Lansing Hospital and Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, whose service and commitment to providing excellent care have made a difference in the life of a patient.


I wish to nominate ______________________________________ from the ___________________


unit/department of ___________________________ Hospital for the OUTSTANDING LATINO/HISPANIC CAREGIVER AWARD.


       * This nominee meets the minimum eligibility criteria of having:

- Self-declared as a Latino or Hispanic with Sparrow's Department of Human Resources, Medical Staff Office or other appropriate office

- Worked at McLaren - Greater Landing Hospital  OR  Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, for at least 2 years in a full-time or part-time position


* This nominee is deserving of recognition, for s/he has consistently 

- Made a significant difference in the life of a patient

- Has exceeded expectations in fulfilling her/his responsibilities

- Demonstrated professionalism in the workplace

** Please describe 2 situations involving the nominee that clearly demonstrates that s/he meets the

criteria for The Outstanding Latino / Hispanic Caregiver Award.  (Submit description on an extra page.)


** Submit this form AND a letter from at least two colleagues supporting the nomination to the adderss below.



Your Name ________________________________________ Phone _________  Email ______________________

I am (please check one):  Patient ____  Family/Visitor ___  RN___  MD ___  DO ___ Staff___ Volunteer ____

I have known the nominee for ___________________________ days / week(s) / months / years

Date of nomination  ________________________________



       1012 N. Walnut Street, Lansing, MI  48906.  

        Nominations must be received by December 31, 2017.


Thank you very much for taking the time to nominate an extraordinary person for this award.


 Deadline for receipt of nominations for the 2017 Award is December 31, 2017.


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