Lansing Latino Health Alliance (LLHA): A Tribute and Appreciation to our Board of Directors: 

Thanks to our founder and first Chair, Dr. Israel Cuellar.

Dr. Israel CuellarDr. Cuellar, a renowned Chicano research psychologist, directed the Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University 2001-2003, and he was director of one of the nation’s first culturally responsive treatment units for Hispanics at the San Antonio State Hospital 1977-1984. His accomplishments include the development of acculturation scales for assessing multicultural integration, which have been used as scale models in Australia, Israel, Germany and Spain, and the co-edited Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health. His research added to the understanding of how ethnic identity and acculturation relate to mental health and to the numerous ways culture and language influence diagnosis and treatment.

Since 2003 many residents have accepted the invitation to actively participate as Board members at LLHA. Thank you for your service! A Board member’s participation and contribution is invaluable, especially as LLHA continues to strive to improve the health status of Latinos in the greater Lansing area. It is an honor to recognize current and past board members that contribute to the success of LLHA.

LLHA salutes and says "Gracias" to its founding members and members of the first Board of Directors:: Connie Alfaro, John Roy Castillo, Connie Currier, Olga Dazzo, María Cortez González, Margarita Gonzales, Ramiro Gonzales, Olga Hernández-Patiño, Marta Hernández, Margarita Keller, Rosy Lewis, Diana Lòpez, Connie Marín, Margarita Rodríguez LeSage, Saturnino Rodríguez, Ligia Romero, Carmen Soto, Joy Whitten, Tomasa Velásquez.





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