Lansing Latino Health Alliance (LLHA) Snapshot 2003-2012
The Lansing Latino Health Alliance (LLHA) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit established in 2003 with funding from the Ingham County Health Department and the Kellogg Community Voices Project. LLHA’s purpose is to reduce health disparities and improve the health status of Latinos in the Greater Lansing area.

Since its establishment LLHA has worked towards this goal in collaboration with many community-based partners. During these years, LLHA has developed professional relationships with local partners, written grants, collaborated in research projects, collected and reviewed data on health related matters, promoted health prevention by disseminating information and advocating for Hispanic/Latinos, and participated in community events. Community partners and volunteers help us accomplish our goals. Thank you partners!

Some of LLHA’s activities and selected accomplishments include:

2003- 2006

    • LLHA-led focus groups in the community resulted in these findings: Major concerns are lack of bilingual services, obesity, lack of culturally competent medical staff and healthcare services.
    • Convened a Latino Health Summit Community Forum on the question: “Now and in the years ahead, what do we need to do to improve the health of Latinos in Lansing?” Recommendations included: Accessible Care, Outreach and Promotion, Accountability and Social Justice, and Bilingual Services

    • Testified on health care and health disparities among Latinos on March 2010 at the Michigan Civil Rights Commission Access to Health Care Hearing
    • Launched website to serve as a resource link to the community and organizations.
    • Partnered with Without a Vision the People Perish (WAV), the Michigan Minority Health Coalition (MMHC) and Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to host the Greater Lansing Area Community Conversation on Health Disparities resulting in the conclusions that the greatest health concerns are medical coverage, lack of mental health care, translation services, access to health information and education, and access to specialists among others.
    • Testified on health disparities among Latinos to the House Health Disparities Hearing Standing Committee.
    • Partnered with the Michigan Health Minority Coalition and collaborated with the Patient Advisory Leadership Summit (PALS): “Where Does Minority Health Factor into the Health Reform Equation?"
    • Collaborated as a resource and facilitator on the study, "An Exploratory Qualitative Study of the Health Needs of Lansing Latinos."
    • Participated in the “Summit on Latino Issues in Michigan: Toward a Statewide Agenda” sponsored by the Julian Samora Research Institute at MSU focusing on such health care concerns as lack of access, inequity of treatment, cultural competency, bilingual providers and uninsured families.
    • Collaborated on a research project, "Mexican Immigrants' Health Seeking in Lansing" funded by MSU's Families and Communities Together (FACT) Grant.
    • Hosted an AmeriCorps State/National member through the Michigan Primary Care Association. Deidre Denton served at the Lansing Latino Health Alliance from 2010 – 2011. Thank you for your service.
    • Partnered with the Ingham County Health Department and several faith-based and educational organizations to implement H1N1 vaccination clinics in the Greater Lansing area. 290 Hispanic/Latino community members were vaccinated February to April 2010.
    • Partnered with Ingham County Health Department and several community organizations to promote National Minority Health Month during the month of April on the theme “Men, Take Charge of Your Health.”
    • Partnered with Without A Vision The People Perish (WAV) and Community Mental Health to submit a grant to the Michigan Department of Community Health, Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section to conduct two bilingual and culturally relevant educational sessions aimed at raising awareness about the top health issues, important health screenings, and tips for healthy living targeted to Latino males for April Minority Month 2010.
    • Recipient of the 2011 Data Collection Grant, granted through Michigan Department of Community Health, January 2011 – September 2011. Funds from this grant ensured that over 500 community members were asked questions from the “Reactions to Race” Module and 200 + individuals that identify as Hispanic/Latino were reached through the Behavioral Risk Faction Survey.
    • Hosted an AmeriCorps State/National member through the Michigan Primary Care Association. Heather Rae McAlvey is serving at the Lansing Latino Health Alliance from March 2011 – March 2012.
    • Recipient of Michigan Minority Health Month Initiative funds through the Ingham County Health Department. LLHA received $1,000 to co-host the Healthy Indigenous Communities Pow Wow with the Indigenous Youth Empowerment
    • Program and the Woodlands Indian Community on April 30th, 2011.
    • Partnered with the Ingham County Health Department for the Michigan Department of Community Health's Rapid Health Impact Assessment project. Lansing Latino Health Alliance completed 121 surveys in the community.
    • Performed outreach at several events throughout the year including CATA Transportation Health Fair, Pattengill Parent’s Night and Otto Parent’s Night.
    • Received scholarships for two staff members to attend Equity Summit 2011 in Detroit, MI.
    • Received scholarship to attend Families USA Healthy Policy Conference in January, 2012.
    • LLHA looks forward to working together toward building bridges to better health for Latinos.



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